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Water pumps


Pezal offers diesel motor pumps for a wide range of applications. We have devices for clean water and sludge motor pumps. Another classification is a compromise between performance and pressure and thus greater head in pumps with limited power. Our equipment is distinguished by performance at 70m of head and 70 cubic meters of capacity per hour.

Lawn mowers

kosiarki spalinowe

In our offer we have both, imported lawn mowers of highest quality, and mowers made in Poland. Pezal devices are characterized by a cutting width of 41cm to 56cm. There are self-propelled lawn mowers and simplier ones, without the drive. In the same way we have models with a basket fot the grass and models without one. Our devices are driven by Pezal own brand engines, and Briggs & Stratton engines, what guarantees the highest quality with power from 3.9 HP to 6.5 HP.

Snow blowers


Snow equipment offered be our company is a wide range of devices, starting from small electric machines, through bigger devices driven by specialized gasoline motors, ending with quads with plows. Electric snowblowers are ideal for home hardens and small sidewalks. Where there is no access to electricity, we recomend our gasoline devices, wheel or crawler depending on needs. For the most demanding customers we recomend blowers attached to quads and vehicles with ploughs, usability and great fun too.